DJ RONS (Chicago, IL - 8-9pm)

​​​RonS is a Chicago-based DJ/VJ/Journalist with a 25-year-spanning career.

Getting his start on WRVU (Nashville, TN), you can now hear his mixed sets on radio stations across the world. Voted "Best Club DJ" in Nashville for five years in the Nashville Scene’s “Readers’ Choice” Awards, RonS was a resident of the city’s best clubs (The Zone, eXceSs, The Connection, Velvet, and ending up at the internationally-recognized Play and Tribe), entertaining crowds with his unique and high energy mix of music and video. An active travel schedule keeps him spinning around the country (Indianapolis, Miami, Atlanta, and Columbus). Currently based in Chicago, Ron spins residencies at Roscoes (Chicago, IL) Hunters (Fort Lauderdale, FL), LaCage (Milwaukee, WI), Gregs (Indianapolis, IN), and SoFoTap (Chicago, IL). 

Ron is a Billboard Club Chart reporter, part of the panel of 150 respected DJs, whose charts determine the weekly national chart. An award-winning international authority on electronic dance music, RonS is both trendsetter and chronicler. With a fresh new perspective in the birthplace of house music, there is no telling what the future holds for RonS.


DJ AUDIO METH (Nashville, TN - 6-7pm)

​“Audio Meth,” born and raised in Nashville, TN, started his musical foray by playing various instruments in his youth. He later became engrossed in the rave scene in his mid teens, savoring the feelings from those events.

Tinkering for a few years of working with midi instruments linked to a DAW (digital audio workstation), he started creating his own originals and remixes, which are available on Soundcloud, under his production name, “TWINKYY”. Soon after, he debuted his original works on stages around Middle Tennessee.

Audio Meth has preformed at various venues and clubs in Nashville, Murfreesboro, Jackson, and Knoxville, and also venturing into other demographics, such as Kentucky, Georgia, and both Carolinas.  Along with playing festivals and shows, Audio Meth created his own annual Festival titled “Trapping in the Woods” in 2013, receiving much applause and merit. His live DJ performances include heavy bass genres, including: Trap, Dubstep, Riddim, Glitch-Hop, Trip-Hop, Hip Hop, and Rap. His rapid mixing styles will keep your body rocking and your feet shuffling all night. Performing all the newest tracks from your most favorite known EDM artist, along with his own originals, he will keep your mind in the hype-hypnosis state of consciousness. 


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DJ APOLLO (Nashville, TN - 9-10pm)

​DJ Apollo began singing in choirs at a young age. Moving into adulthood, he wanted to keep with music, and became a DJ.

Apollo took to the nightlife early, becoming a sound and light programmer/technician. Eventually, his curiosity of spinning music took control. He has DJd for venues in Middle Tennessee, Louisville and Johnson City, along with large-scale events, including the Nashville AIDS Walk every october.

​When you hear DJ Apollo, you hear him "run the gamut" of music genres, giving you an audio experience that is worth every second.

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DJ AKI (San Francisco, CA - 7-8pm)

​In 2002, DJ Aki began his career in Tokyo, Japan. After establishing a successful residency, he was invited to play all over the Land of the Rising Sun, eventually being invited to South Korea, as well.

In 2015, his travels took him to the Bay Area of California, eventually leading to him establishing San Francisco as home. There, he is a resident DJ at Badlands and Toad Hall (San Francisco), two of the leading dance clubs in the Castro. He also ventures out regularly to DJ at Splash (San Jose), ShangriLa at The Endup (San Francisco), and JC Events. He is, without a doubt, one of the DJs to listen to on the West Coast.

DJ RICKY SIXX (Nashville, TN, Club:CARDIO - 10pm - 12am)

Born and raised in the greater Los Angeles area, DJ Ricky Sixx was exposed to a plethora of different varieties and genres of music (raised on the post-punk, punk, and industrial genres of the '70's and '80's while being a child of the '90's). Now, in Nashville, TN, and San Francisco, CA, Ricky Sixx brings you music from all over the world.

Since making his first official club debut at Play Dance Bar in August 2012, his unique style for music has broadened, incorporating a large assortment of variety; ranging from house and dance in the US, to electro-industrial and Eurodance, to Asian remixes and rock mixes, incorporating a wide assortment of genres of electronic dance music and beyond, including remixed music videos to give a visual ambiance along with the audio experience.


Currently, Ricky is based out of Nashville and has become a traveling DJ, making frequent guest appearances at Mary's Attic (Chicago), The Lookout, The Endup (San Francisco), The Port Bar in Oakland, and holds many radio shows on various international stations, including our own "Club:CARDIO" (2013 to present). He is also an editor of remix music videos, and does journalism for all facets of the EDM community.

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